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Michigan clears first legislative hurdle on way to reforming indigent defense

Pleading the Sixth: On September 19, 2012, the Michigan House Judiciary Committee favorably voted the indigent defense reform bill on to the full House on an overwhelmingly bi-partisan basis.  A week earlier, the bill was almost derailed in the committee

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Indigent defense bill introduced in Michigan legislature

Pleading the Sixth:  A sweeping indigent defense reform bill was introduced in the Michigan legislature on August 15, 2012 that promises to bring accountability to and improve the quality of right to counsel services in the state.  Initial signs are

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Michigan Governor’s Advisory Commission recommends sweeping changes

Pleading the Sixth: On June 22, 2012, a high-profile, bi-partisan commission appointed by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder unanimously adopted a set of findings and recommendations that will change the way the state provides right to counsel services, if legislatively passed in

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