Month: September 2012

Indigent defense progress stunted by outdated funding mechanism in Louisiana

Pleading the Sixth: The chairman of the Louisiana Public Defender Board (LPDB) warns that the state’s reliance on unpredictable revenue streams to fund the right to counsel makes public defense service restrictions “inevitable” in the coming months.  A new report

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Oil boom rapidly creating a Sixth Amendment crisis in North Dakota

Pleading the Sixth: Though the successful implementation of oil fracking technologies has created a large budget surplus for North Dakota, it has also had the unintended side effect of overwhelming the state’s indigent defense system, as unemployed workers from across

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Michigan clears first legislative hurdle on way to reforming indigent defense

Pleading the Sixth: On September 19, 2012, the Michigan House Judiciary Committee favorably voted the indigent defense reform bill on to the full House on an overwhelmingly bi-partisan basis.  A week earlier, the bill was almost derailed in the committee

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Exploring the link between over-incarceration and a deficient right to counsel

Pleading the Sixth: A recent report by the PEW Center on the States concludes that states wasted $10 billion incarcerating people with little impact on public safety to show for the investment.  The Sixth Amendment Center adds to the story

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