Month: March 2014

Wyoming public defender budget woes intensifying with increase in capital cases

Pleading the Sixth: The cost of providing competent death penalty representation is expensive due in no small part to the additional Sixth Amendment responsibilities placed on states by the U.S. Supreme Court. Because of this, even well-structured right to counsel

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6AC & PJI release issue paper on early appointment of counsel

The Pretrial Justice Institute and the Sixth Amendment Center jointly release a new report, Early Appointment of Counsel: The Law, Implementation, and Benefits, that concludes that the justice goals of the criminal court systems will be best served where every

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Closing Arguments with Fred Friedman

“Closing Arguments” is a joint venture of the National Association for Public Defense (NAPD) and the Sixth Amendment Center (6AC). The 6AC regularly sits down with long-time right to counsel leaders nearing the end of their careers to share thoughts and

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