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Last Week Tonight tackles indigent defense crisis

The 6AC was proud to help the folks at Last Week Tonight with John Oliver over the past couple of weeks as they developed an in-depth segment on the nationwide indigent defense crisis. Watch it here.

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Florida Supreme Court grants public defenders the right to declare case overload

Pleading the Sixth: On May 23, 2013, the Florida Supreme Court granted the 11th Circuit Public Defender (Miami-Dade County) the right to refuse new cases due to case overload. Importantly, the Court makes the case that Strickland is an inadequate

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Florida institutes a “dangerous game of chance” in conflict representation

Pleading the Sixth: A new Florida statute allows judges to limit compensation for private attorneys handling conflict indigent defense cases.  A June 2012 Florida Innocence Commission report says the law “invites ineffective assistance of counsel and wrongful convictions.”  As some

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